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I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty

Having just returned from New York this week, I saw that Roger’s and Hammerstein version of Cinderella is still playing on Broadway. Oh, how it brings back memories…anyone of “that certain age” (c. 1965) should remember Leslie Ann Warren in the leading role, singing at the cardboard hearth about “In My Own Little Corner”. And what about 1957’s West Side Story? Maria singing “I Feel Pretty” evokes a similar desire to reach beyond the norm and dream.

I Gave a Great Facial Today

Great treatments at The Spa at Boncaldo’s are made, not assumed. We use whole and healthy products, scents that are appealing , provide a treatment that meets the Client’s needs, and a friendly, helpful connection. That all wraps up into a package that Feels Great.

October Special

Join the Spa in October for our $50 Spa Week. Cranberry, Mandarin, and Brown Sugar Treatments all month long!