I Gave a Great Facial Today. I’m not patting myself on the back; this is what my Client said to me, and that comment, along with feeling good about the outcome, makes it a Great Facial in my Book!

Great treatments at The Spa at Boncaldo’s are made, not assumed. We use whole and healthy products, scents that are appealing , provide a treatment that meets the Client’s needs, and a friendly, helpful connection. That all wraps up into a package that Feels Great.

A positive Outcome is vital from all perspectives. Meeting Client’s assumptions and expectations is done by Asking Questions and Conversing in a productive manner:

” What brought you into The Spa at Boncaldo’s today?”
“What would make this facial The Best for you?”
” Have you had a facial in the past and what did/didn’t work for you?”

Positive Energy, Positive Treatment, Positive Conversation makes for a Positive Experience at The Spa at Boncaldo’s. Berapaserre .