UntitledI’m sitting in a cold car, waiting outside of the dentist office in South Boston, MA, double parked. It’s the 2nd day after the second round of storms with 40+ inches of snowfall, and per usual in this congested City, there is no place to park. My piss and moan factor is pretty high, and I find myself crabbing at people incessantly. It’s cold. company formation . domain coupon . I’m cold, and nothing is helping. It’s the snow—the cold, wet, damp in your boots, can’t feel your fingertips, day old dirty snow that is partially melted at street crossings into a jell of wet frosting consistency. The sun is dim, the forecast bleak with more to come. Oh how I wish for the heat and humidity of summer. I promise never again to complain about the heat. At this point, the only benefit to Winter is the bulky clothes that camouflage my love for 9PM snacking.

But I’m a happy person, usually upbeat and love to laugh. When I get the doldrums of Winter, I find that I need something to jolt me out of this.

Most folks I ask go to a Spa. The pampering and soothing touch, warm beds and feel-good treatments help overcome the feeling that February will last forever. But perhaps it’s not just for the body treatments—the snow packs a mean punch as we haul and lift shovelful after shovelful up and over the mounds of existing stuff. Perhaps the visits are for therapeutic purposes, too? A hot steam before a deep massage sounds pretty good right now.

The Winter takes a toll on your whole body as well as your outlook. Skin, which covers over 90% of you, is dry and cracked. My fingertips are split, cuticles torn. Looking at my face which has seen the best of 50+ years, is pale and dry looking. I need extra makeup to “perk up the Personage”. That Hydrating Facial is sounding better and better…and let’s add in a paraffin treatment to deeply seep in the serum busting anti-oxidants and finger roughness.

It’s time to act or be sucked in to this vortex of self pity.

While I walk the treacherous sidewalk ice and try to gain footing, I realize my frozen tootsies are taking me…where else…to The Spa!